Lessons from a four year old

ECOMMERCE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY IN MUMBAI | Lessons to learn from ...I have a nephew who is just four years old, he’s so adorable, I held him when he was a day old, he was the first child I can say I interacted with, and as a result I got a love for children through him. We normally talk almost every day if not every day, and just catch up on how his day has been. So the other day we were just discussing about our best foods. That was such an exciting topic, I found myself salivating as we talked.

As we talked he got to telling me how one day he told his grandmother to get him some  french fries  (ooh yees chipo as we call it). When he got back home, he found that she had not only prepared the  same but had also bought tomato sauce for him, and some salt, (I bet this was already in the kitchen hahaha) funny how he gets to the details. As he narrated I asked him whether he had thanked her for doing that but he said he hadn’t, so I did what any other good aunt would do, and asked him to thank her next time.

Then the unexpected question came “do you also say thanks” trust me that got me tongue tied. One thing I have learned is not to give lies, I wanted to tell him I say thanks but I knew very well that I never thanked my mum for cooking, even when she did special snacks for us. So I just told him, I normally say thanks when someone buys food for me, well i couldn’t admit to him that when it’s cooked at home I never say thanks hahaha.

Well that made me think a lot, and I realized it is very easy to preach water and take wine. We can advise people to do things that we can’t, or don’t do. It’s not wrong to advise, but it’s best to let people learn from our own actions.

Another lesson he taught me was on obedience. He asked me to get him a writing pad, and as the good aunt, I wanted to teach him that we don’t just have money from no where, but it is God who provides for us, so I told him to pray about it. I actually forgot about it. Then one Sunday as I talked with his mum, she mentioned that he had prayed during the family devotion, that God would give me money to buy him a writing pad. I had not told his mum, and he had not told her about our discussion, but guess what, he obeyed.

I must admit that obeying the Holy Spirit has been quite a challenge, It’s something that I have been learning. Most times I would think that I was the one talking to myself, only for me to over rule the voice and later realize that He was the one who was talking to me at first. My nephew has taught me to obey, even when I feel like it’s not making sense. It has not been all easy, but I can say every time I obey I am glad I did not argue with Him, or start reasoning that I must be the one talking to myself.

God values obedience more than sacrifice, He expects us to trust His guidance even when it does not make sense. Next time you hear Him talk to you I’d advise that you don’t start arguing about how it doesn’t make sense. Also lets learn to get lessons from all that’s happening around us, God can use anyone to rebuke us or encourage us in this journey.

He’s listening, talk to Him

Free Animated Prayer Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...Amid the covid 19 pandemic, I believe everyone has had their own lessons, fears, worries etc. For me I would say, when Kenya got the first case, given that it was in the town I live, I at first felt afraid but after a short time i got peace. More to that I must say I prayed with zeal about the matter, I would pray for long and with energy, at some point I feel like I was moved more by emotions.

However as the days passed and every day we just have updates of more people who have been infected, I must admit that the zeal went down. There are times I have gone before God and all I can say is, God please intervene. This is because I felt as if I didn’t know how to pray about it anymore.

A few days ago, I have been getting affirmations that God hears our prayers even when we don’t feel like He does. This is from simple short prayers e.g. when I have forgotten something and I just whisper to God to remind me and pap I remember. Sometimes I am trying to understand a concept, I just can’t figure out how some numbers are adding up, and just after asking for help from God, it’s like my eyes and mind are opened to understand the concept 100%.

Now yesterday felt like a climax to God’s assurance that He hears every prayer. I had gotten late, and curfew time was almost catching up with me. As I talked with my colleague, I just made a wish ” I pray that we get a vehicle fast enough, and that it will overlap in traffic, for us to get home before curfew”.

Guess what happened, we got a vehicle and it overlapped in traffic until i started regretting why I made such a prayer. I was now praying for safety. Well I got home safely and a few minutes to curfew time, to be honest I just made it more like a wish, and I actually thought God wouldn’t approve of such a prayers since I believe overlapping in traffic is wrong, however for me this came like an assurance that God hears every prayer we whisper.

Right now we might not have the emotions to carry us through prayer times as we pray for our country and the world, but even those short whispers we make to God trust me, He hears. It might look like things are just getting worse  the more we pray but one thing I know is if God hears and He’s been acting on things we could feel are too small, then even the current global problem He is handling. The how is what we don’t know but one thing I know is when we look back and join the dots, we will see His hand working around this whole situation.

Am just encouraging us not to stop praying, even if it is just making a short whisper to God, just remember He hears, and He’s working on it. Pray without ceasing.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

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I bet you’ve heard this phrase before, it’s one that my class teacher in primary school frequently used. This she mostly used when she was doing ‘hygiene inspection’. I never understood the phrase and I just thought it’s not true.

However not long ago i realized there was some truth in it. I just looked at my trends, there are days I wake up and I am all energetic, I make sure my house is in order, no dirty dishes, clothes are well folded, my house is well organized, I cook a good meal, and just enjoy my life. Some other days I am all lazy, I leave my utensils all dirty even for more than a day, my dirty clothes are not well folded, i don’t clean up the house, such days I just prefer sleeping to doing anything else.

One day I just thought I needed to realize what was common in the good awesome days and what is common in the slow lazy days. What I realized was my devotions had a huge part to play in the trends. The days I spend time to read my Bible and pray I had a very organized house the days I would ignore my devotions with time I would loose track on most of my daily tasks.

During the lock down and stay at home season I bet it’s easy to find yourself postponing your devotions since well you’ll have tomorrow in the house, but if you’d want to have peaceful days, energetic, positive days, then spending time with the one who gave you that day would actually help.

Another thing I realized was when i do devotions, I would be more positive I get motivated to read books, listen to sermons etc, on the other hand it’d be so easy to be involved in discussions not very productive, hardly read a motivational book, let alone watch a sermon, I’d actually prefer watching a movie. So basically I have concluded to have a clean life inside out then being close to God can never be an option.

That phrase might not look all theologically correct but it sure has some truth

Have an stay at home season.

Part 3: Proverbs 31:14-15

Here is a continuation of the Proverbs 31 woman series, as earlier stated, I realised this scripture is not just meant for married women but for every lady who seeks to please the Lord Jesus, single or married.

The two verses above say, “She is like the merchant ships, bringing her food from afar, she gets up while it is still dark, she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls”

The state of bringing food from far calls for planning. Am not sure how far she would go for her food, but what I know is if you intend to go for shopping you have to plan in advance. So what am learning is we should plan our day. Another thing I see is she must be going to get healthy food for the family.  Trust me getting the nice healthy vegetables , fruits, cereals etc calls for one to go far. Fast foods are all over, but for healthy food you  need to go an extra mile. Also to note nowadays healthy meals are more expensive than junk, thus planning comes in again,on your finances to ensure there’s money for healthy meals.

Remember your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit therefore I believe it’s important to take care of it, you don’t have to wait until you get a baby to start eating healthy. In case you’re struggling to stop taking junk you can talk to the Holy Spirit to help you have self control. Remember to take enough water, and you can as well take a few days and do a detox.

The virtuous woman also gets up before dawn. I know not everyone is a morning person, but I believe there’s something about waking up early,  so many successful people have recommended it. Early in the morning she appoints work for her servant girls. You can as well do the same if you have servants in your home, but other things you can do is have devotion, plan your day, do exercise, make some delicious breakfast etc. You can choose whatever works best for you.

She’s like the merchant ships, these ships were normally very busy, they would be loaded as they are getting offloaded, meaning this woman is not idle. As you plan your day, desiring to give your family the best, then you’ll not have time for gossips etc.

Remember the earlier you start learning to be this virtuous woman the better. See you in the next two verses


The engagement ring

Happy new year. I trust you’re having an awesome time.

An offer of marriage. Man proposes a woman to marry him and gives an engagement ring. Vector illustration in cartoon styleWell straight to my blog today. Sometime last year I enjoyed watching engagement surprise parties on you tube, don’t ask me why. To note I released that in some cultures it was actually a very big event, where some people could even have a mob just for that surprise.

To note, one stood out for me, not because it was a big event, well, the young man proposed in the middle of a sermon, however that is not what stood out for me a lot but the verse He was speaking on. “Ephesians 1:13 And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit”

As he elaborated the verse, he asked a lady (his fiance) to go in front for elaboration, and of course the video ended when he went on one knee, am not sure the sermon continued. He was just showing how the seal given by the Holy Spirit is the same to the ring a girl is given when she accepts the proposal.

That left me thinking a lot on how an engagement happens. Say, the way a man comes to the girl and goes on one knee, and asks her whether she would marry him, it’s the same way Christ says He’s standing at the door and knocks asking to be allowed to come in. (Revelation 3:20)

Then a girl decides whether to say yes or no, for those who say no, it’s normally a times of pain, frustration and disappointment for the man and his team, and most times the girl walks away. On the other hand when a girl says yes, my goodness you can see her big smile, some even cry (am yet to know why they cry), the man is also very happy and satisfied, a hug is most times the only way to express his gratitude and pride, then the people watching cheer the two. Now looking at what happens when one accepts Christ as their Lord and savior, there is some joy that just overwhelms the heart, I believe you felt the same if you know Jesus as your Lord and savior. Then I can imagine how proud Jesus feels, and guess what whether there are people around you to celebrate or not, the Bible says angels celebrate everyone who accepts Jesus as Lord and savior.

Lastly the lady keeps her ring until the wedding day, and that is my encouragement to every Christian, do not trade your salvation with anything keep it, because the bridegroom is soon coming back to pick you and take you home. In case you’re not sure whether you’re born again, you can say this short prayer “Lord Jesus I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and today I believe you died for me and rose from the dead, I accept You as my Lord and Savior, In Jesus Name” If you’ve said that prayer you’re now a child of God, and I sure celebrate you. look for a Bible believing church and share what has happened today. In case you need to talk am available in the number below.

Till next time, with Love. Grace +254726822393

Happy 2020

Lessons learned in single hood

To start with I am not writing this because I have made it through single hood already, but am just writing because I felt some of these lessons that I have learned or rather am still learning don’t have to wait until am married, because there are those who might need them now not years to come.

1.Desire to love and be loved is from God.We are spiritual beings and God put His breath in us that’s why we are different from animals. As a result we have a desire to love and be loved that animals don’t have, or rather animals can have a desire to mate for procreation, but not a desire for companionship. At times when one is not dating or not married they might feel if only they could find a partner then they’d be okay, but trust me even when they do, without God, they still remain with a gap, vacuum or emptiness in their souls, because only God can satisfy a human. Thus in single hood first seek a personal relationship with God. Let Him pour His unconditional love on you, let Him teach you what it means to be loved, then from there its even easier to find a human being best for you, and you can pour the same love on them. Let God be the foundation.

2. Only God knows the heart of man. The Bible says that the heart of man is deceitful. thus if you’d want to have the best person for you then only God can help you. I know you’ve heard or seen people who get married to the most kind, faithful, sweet spouse, then after a year or even months the person changes completely to be a terrible spouse. This is why I would advise that you start with number one above, for you to be able to hear from God. You can not be too far from God, having not learned how He speaks and expect that the day you’d want to get a life partner you will be able to hear His voice and understand what He has to say to you. Be His friend first, then He’ll even tell you when you are ready and lead you to the right person.

3.Don’t start unless you are ready. What I believe is dating and courtship is not a trial and error season, it’s a time to know someone with an aim of marrying them. In our generation I know people date for different reasons e.g. companionship, money, fun, peer pressure etc. That’s why we now have open relationships and multiple relationships at the same time. However this is not  God’s desire for us, remember if you’re a child of God, emotionally hurting another believer remember,that person is a child of God. This is issue is more serious than we take it, it’s not just calling, texting, long walks, coffee dates, therefore we should take it with the seriousness it deserves.

4.Private is not secret. When in the first stages of a relationship I know most people prefer keeping it to themselves. However you should have a few of the key people in your lives aware,  for accountability. It’s also good to have a few mature people know, because at times one who is in love might not even realise red flags along the way. Or even if they see them they might not take them seriously. To note a person who expects you never to tell anyone about your relationship that already is a red flag. Therefore let a few people know even if you don’t intend to have it all over on social media.

5.You aren’t made of stone. Being born-again does not make you a superior human being, you are whole human being, with all feelings. It’s easy for people to imagine they are too spiritual to get into fornication, and you decide to meet in a lonely place to pray together, i would just advise like the Bible says don’t give the devil a chance. I have heard parents repeat consistently that you should never meet in a lonely place, the problem is we young people always imagine that the older generation does not understand our times, or they are old fashion, but trust me, in this world there are principals that never change. Today you might meet and nothing happens, but as days go by you might regret that you have gone further than you thought, then in regret you start saying you can’t tell what happened. Flee sexual immorality the Bible reminds us.

6.Marriage does not make impure pure. I know it’s easy to think that when you get a spouse you’ll no longer struggle with matters purity, trust me that’s a lie. Things like pornography, masturbation, fornication, lust etc, will not be broken by getting married. That’s the reason I started with the first point, because only God can transform you. In case you are struggling with any sexual sin run to God, whether you are dating or not, let God deliver you, because no human being can do that. He says whoever He sets free is free indeed, find rest at His feet.

7.No human is perfect. I believe you know your weaknesses, and in the same way the person you’ll date, or get married to has weaknesses too. Just like you’d want to be accepted as a whole package accept them too. One thing I have realised is one persons weakness are the other person’s strengths as a result they compliment one another and build a strong home, thus protect each other, knowing you are not competitors but are a team. To note, you will always find someone better than your man or woman, thus avoid comparisons, Kindly note in case you see something and realise you can’t live with it for the rest of you life it’s okay to say your concern or even leave, therefore  need wisdom to know principals and basic things that a marriage can work on. That’s why I have the next point.

8. Seek Godly counsel. Several times the book of proverbs advises that we have counsel in different matters. Some people imagine they can make it without advise from others, some even say they would not need premarital classes before their wedding. As for me and from what I have observed If you would want to avoid making mistakes, and make wise decisions in this journey, it’s important to talk to those who have gone through the process successfully. You can have those who are going through single hood as you, but also seek knowledge from married couples and more so people you feel you admire and would want to build a family like theirs. Remember everyone is unique, so as you seek advise know you can not be an exact of anyone else, so seek that which works for you and leave the rest. Apart from meeting couples, read books, watch sermons, interviews..basically just find as much information you can to be ready for the responsibility ahead.

To conclude I would say, this is not all there is on single hood for those not dating, and those already dating going towards marriage, I might write more as God’s guides and thus if you have more points on this issue kindly let me know that I may add. I have written this not because I am perfect but because I am loved by a perfect father, and the little I have learned this far I believe could help someone out there. For those who have more points share to help me and others who are still single whether you are married or are also single, knowledge is power, and as Christians we should not be ignorant on serious matters as this.

Remember it’s not too late to make things right if you feel there is anything you’re not doing right currently.

With great love. Grace


I know there has been a lot of blogs going round, about Michael  visiting Kenya, that are not really true, however I am not here to speak about that, but how the crusade I attended was.

It had been announced that Michael Jobs was coming to a crusade to minister, at first I was not really excited about attending that crusade. However, that Sunday I got excited and got some of my friends to go with. We had several musicians singing, and wow the worship team was just awesome, though we were squeezed I tried dancing, and singing for God in the midst of the crowd. There’s just something awesome about singing and dancing for God.

Well after sometime Michael came with his team, there was just so much security I has actually not expected. Then it hit me that he could be a normal person, but having have acted the Jesus film it made him a celebrity, given that most people have watched the movie on the life of Jesus. At that moment, I reminded myself that he was just a man who acted, though later I came to know that those people who acted the first movie, really prayed, it was more of a ministry than just reading script, and being good at acting. Someone even told me that they would ask God to reveal to them what He made when He said somethings in the gospels.

Well the time came for the minister to get to the alter, he started with acting a few scenes in the movie. That first made me feel disappointed because I was asking myself why would he start acting what we already have seen in the movie, I was actually considering going back home, given that I had watched that movie since I was a child. However, just before I made that decision, he started preaching about the prodigal son. He preached with search simplicity, straight to the point and showing God’s love to those lost in sin. He even gave his testimony at some point of how God had found him, lost in sin, at the age of 28. It was just amazing being reminded of how much God loved us.

What caught my attention was a phrase he repeated as he spoke “tomorrow is not promised but we have today”. That was meant to reach out to those who were not born again, to know they were not supposed to harden their heart, but it’s what God was speaking to my heart at the moment.

I must admit that i have had a weakness of postponing things, a good example is this blog I  actually said I would write last Monday on my whats-app status, but kept pushing, and even today I was considering writing tomorrow. As he spoke I felt that there are things we keep pushing yet God would want us to act on immediately. As I write this evening I must say it’s something I am working on.

Question is, might there be a person you feel you should speak to about the gospel, but you decide to speak to them another day? Or a person you feel you should call and know whether they are okay? Or a person you should pray for in the middle of the night but you decide to pray the next day? Is it a song you feel you should write or record? Could it be a post you feel you should post on your Facebook or whats-app? Might it be a conviction to wake up earlier to pray? Is it going to the gym, or eating more healthy? Or a business you need to start? Or someone you feel you should rebuke in love?

i might not have mentioned what it is that you’re pushing, but as I work on myself I encourage you to obey. There are things God wants us to act on immediately, and if you don’t to Do it immediately He uses someone else, and sadly you miss what He wanted to do in your life at that moment. Like Michael said we don’t know about tomorrow so if you can do it today then just go ahead and do it. I can not over emphasize obedience to our Lord and savior.

With Love.

How prepared are our young men?

In the world today we’ve had a lot of discussions around gender equality. In the old days, girls were neglected and mistreated, but nowadays we have a lot of attention towards women empowerment. I am in support of this and I respect everyone who’s working towards helping women realize their potential, and live to leave a mark in the world. On the other hand I have had men say that the boy child is getting neglected, and on this note I have off late observed a gap regarding the boy child. I don’t know whether it was the same case in the old days but it’s quite evident in the current days. I would want to talk about marriage preparation, hopefully one person will join me and do something about it.Image result for wedding cartoon image

Just to go back to the way I grew up, and how I can relate my observation. I remember in primary school apart from my mum giving me advises here and there when i got to adolescent, our class teacher Mrs Michael, used to call us girls and give us tips on life skills. She would teach us basics on how to be better ladies in the society. When I went to high school (which was a girls school) I remember our CU patron Mr. Muthanga used to give us some talk, on what to expect in campus. I remember one quote he always told us “in campus you can either change your life for the better or for worse” from such talk I knew I had to have boundaries when i got to campus if I wanted to have a good life. I can say he prepare us psychologically for life after high school.

In getting to campus thanks to my very good friend Sarah, who organised a girls talk group, where we used to have sleep overs and we would have guest speakers to talk to us. I would say from this group is where I got to know a lot on relationships and marriage. From that group later after campus we’ve had chances to organise bridal showers and baby showers for some of us, and we would still have guest speakers to advise the bride to be, on life in marriage, and we all got some wisdom as well.

A few weeks ago I started following 50 years in marriage by Rawder Kidula and it’s been very inspiring, and one night as I watched, it just occurred to me that I had not seen similar shows for men.From my little story above, there is evident series of people walking with ladies from a very young age helping them to be better in the society, my concern is do we have similar opportunities for young men? What I have mentioned are just few of the forums I have had, but there are so many other opportunities I have had that have had a positive impact in my life, not forgetting the many books I have read about women.

I have observed that men don’t get as much attention when it comes to marriage preparation. They are kind of left to find there way, and this is why I am writing today, to challenge men both married and single to do something about this matter. I think men lucking preparation could be the reason we are finding fathers and husbands who are dysfunctional. This is because they might tend to be overwhelmed and feel intimidated by the reality that heats them in marriage. I would encourage us including ladies to recommend any forums we come across that we think could be of benefit to our men. We could recommend hoes on you tube, or books, audios etc that we know will impact them positively.

I know most men are not relational like ladies, but as far as am concerned you can learn a lot by opening up about your fears, questions, insecurities. For those who are already married you could purpose to mentor one young man, and help them be prepared   for life in marriage. We could as well have grooms’ showers organised for men who are almost getting married and have a few married men give some  advise and prepared the groom for marriage life.

This is just my own observation and concern, in case you are already doing something regarding this then feel most appreciated in case you have not  kindly figure out what you can do, whether it’s to open up, find a men-tee, start reading books, get a grooms shower organized, just go start now . Remember relationships still work, marriages still work, it just calls for one to work towards being part of the success stories in this generation, I encourage you to be part of that success, and help others join you.

With love


I have been studying the book of Psalm, and I have been seeing the words of our Lord Jesus.It’s just exciting to see the insights, and to know that, as He said that the prophets and the psalmist spoke of Him. I now see how people in the early church got convicted in believing the Lord Jesus.

Just a few highlights; Psalm 18 from verse 4 talks of how the snare of death confronted him, and how He called to God (this reminds me of Eloi Eloi…) verse 7 goes on to say  the earth trembled (which is what we’re told happened when you read the gospel books) verse 9 says dark clouds were under his feet (there was darkness from noon until 3 pm according to the gospel books) and it goes on and on to say what happened.

What broke my heart was Psalm 22 verse 15 verse 17 and verse 18. (NIV version)

Verse 15 “My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, you lay me in the dust of death”.  Verse 17″I can count all my bones, people stare and gloat over me”. Verse 18″They divide my garments among them and cast lots for clothing”

As I read this,it just heat me how painful it was for Christ to be on the cross, it was not easy but it was worth it. He had the power to release Himself and maybe just say a word, to finish all those who were attacking Him, but He didn’t. He let them slap Him, and mock Him.Thinking of the nails going through His hands, and His feet and a crown of thorns on His head. Imagine He willingly went through all that just because of love. He saw the joy of saving you and me and He accepted to endure the Cross.

As I write this I remember the work of the Holy Spirit is to reveal to us the love of God, and He ooows us unto salvation.

I remember as a child in a crusade how I felt convicted to receive Christ, at that point I didn’t understand much, but I remember telling my sister I would want to go in front and be prayed for salvation, when the preacher called people to the alter. And maybe that is you today, you feel you need to accept this love that Christ had and still has for you. He says He is at the door knocking and if you hear His voice you should not harden your heart. After that first encounter I did not go through discipleship as a child, so I was not very sure of my salvation, and thus I rededicated my life to Christ later when I was in class 7. I won’t go into details of how it happened, but I would want to encourage you, to live for Christ.

It’s so easy to receive the gift of salvation freely and forget that a cost was paid. The cost was the blood of the Son of God. Remember we are saved by Grace not by good works, so  being a good person does not make you a child of God. If you would want to receive Christ you just need to ask Him to come into your heart and cleanse you and make you a child of God, then talk to someone and tell them what has happened for discipleship, if you don’t know how to go about praying just see anyone you know loves the Lord sincerely and tell them to lead you into the prayer of salvation, it’s that simple.

After that walk in holiness, live for Christ, read the word and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. I leave it at that for today, and bless God for letting me share about this. How I pray that this will be a seed in someone’s life. Christ paid the price so walk in victory, remember to not give the devil a chance.

With love.

Fears of life

Hello guys, today i want to share about the fears we face in life, this is from my own experience, the last few weeks. Not long ago, my friends and I were discussing some of the fears we have towards marriage. I bet if you are in your mid or late twenties, this is a topic that has probably crossed your mind.

I realized I had two major fears, one is being an ideal Proverbs 31 woman. I had been studying PROVERBS 31, I actually began a series here of the lessons I got, am sorry for not finishing. So for me i always desired to be the ideal woman.

This fear is also based on how I grew up. A bit on my background, I am a last born in a family of 3, I have an elder brother and an elder sister, so somehow as I grew up, I could evade house chores, since the gap between my sister and I is 5 years, I always felt like a child and would only do one task a day.

My mum is a very hardworking lady too, as we grew up I remember she was and still is the first person to wake up, she’d do her devotion, prepare warm water for us to bath, by 5:30 am wake us up, then rush milk our cow, as we dress up she’d prepare breakfast and pack our lunch, then as we took breakfast she’d milk the second cow, then come back pray for us then walk us to the bus stop. During the day she’d have her busy schedules with the cows, the farm, ministry, and she would still find time to do house chores and even wash uniform within the week.

Now looking at my mum I have always called her the Proverbs 31 woman, when I compared myself and her I just felt like I could not manage. Given that some days  I could struggle to even prepare a meal for myself and go hungry a whole night. Mum did all these, since I was guess in nursery school when I last saw a house help in our home.

The other fear I realized I had was on provision. This is based on many stories I have heard of men loosing jobs and the wives becoming bread winners. I didn’t want to become a bread winner, so that became a fear for marriage.

As i thought about these fears God started teaching me a few things and that’s what I’d want to share today. One,God reminded me that the proverbs 31 woman had maids, i also remembered mum also had people to help her here and there, maybe a hand in the farm, a hand to help with the cows and even with the laundry sometimes. God also reminded me that it is neither the husband nor the wife that is the bread winner but God Jehovah Jireh is the one who provides. So He can choose to use the man, woman or even stranger to provide. I also realized that we are all different and Proverbs 31 should not be there to scare us but to guide us, so i stopped comparing myself with other ladies including my mum.

I write today because I have realized how fear can paralyze people, I almost postponed my desire for getting married to a time when am perfect, I have also had a season of moving from employment to business and fear almost crippled me. I went into a panic mode, where I was afraid to even spent money, for basic needs. Until God reminded me that He’s the provider, and He can provide in ways we can’t imagine.

I don’t know what your fear is, maybe it’s a transition like mine, from employment to business, or you have just finished school and you don’t know where to get a job, or for men you could be scared that you don’t have enough money for dowry, or it could be you don’t have enough money for the wedding, you could be scared of having a baby because you don’t know how it will be, or your child is going to boarding school and you’re scared of how the’ll manage, or it’s financial support for your family, or is it growing old, or getting a chronic disease, or maybe to get closer is it how you’ll pay this months rent?

I am writing to remind you that fear comes from the devil, it is his joy to see us scared and forgetting the promises our Father has given us. So from today stop focusing on what you’re scared of but on what God says about it. Remember He has not brought you this far to ashame you, neither does anything take Him by surprise. Remember worrying will not add anything but pain, so step out, with boldness and confidence in your creator, and declare that He is in control, and with Him you are a victor not a victim. Don’t you give up, because God is working for your good, walk by faith not by sight confess victory, even when you are not seeing it physically, and see what the Lord is going to do.

With Love. Comments are welcomed.