Goodness – Fruit of the Spirit cont’d

Goodness is the act of being good. One definition states it as the act of having moral excellence. At one time when Jesus was on earth someone called Him good, and He said that only the Father is good. This means being good is a very high calling.

The Bible says that we should not get weary of doing good. At times it is easy to be good to someone once or twice but when someone expects to be treated well and when they hardly appreciate then as human beings it’s easy to become weary.

This high calling of being good to people whether they appreciate and recognize or not isn’t very easy. That’s why we need the Spirit of God to help us. Only God is perfect. He has been good to us in ways that we will never get to know m At times He is good to us but we don’t even appreciate instead we start complaining based on our expectations or what we’ve seen Him do for others.

The Bible says that God gives rain to all. He blessed even those who don’t believe in His existence, He loves us even in our ignorance.
This virtue can only be made perfect in us by God. In our nature we may not be able to show goodness around us. That’s what makes Him God, in that what we can’t do He is there to help us through. If you desire to do good and feel like it’s getting difficult, why not talk to the HolySpirit and ask Him to help you with this virtue?

God expects us to be like Him so we can not afford to be any less in our character as believers. If our heavenly Father is good, we ought to carry goodness wherever we go. We have no excuse,this is a challenge I am giving myself even as I share with you. Let’s be good to those around us, even when we don’t feel like they deserve it, and whether they appreciate it or not.

Kindness – Fruit of the Spirit Cont’d

Kindness is the quality of being considerate, generous and friendly. This part of the fruit of the Spirit kind off makes us realize how by nature we are born selfish. Children at a very young age, portray this very easily. They’ll want to have everything for themselves. For example if you buy a child something to eat, they can easily refuse to share even with you, although you bought it yourself.

As we grow up, generosity can become difficult, since we will always have less money than we want. At times we feel we have too little to share, just Like a child feels; that what you bought them is only enough for them. But God expects us to be generous. He also says He expects a cheerful giver. We shouldn’t give and go out grambling, ahd when we give to the needy we shouldn’t focus on getting people to notice it, but only our father in heaven. God says that as we give we will get back good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

Considering others in what we do, or how we act, and as we make decisions is important. The Bible says that we should consider others as better than ourselves. This is not to promote inferiority, I believe God expects us to put others before us, as a sign of humility. We are also expected to love others as ourselves. That way as you do something or decide on something. This means we consider what we could feel if someone did the same to us.

The aspect of being friendly is also very critical. Being friendly goes beyond having material items. As christians this is one thing I have noticed, moreso in churches. I don’t know about your church but in several churches, I have noticed that new members can totally be lost in the crowd. We all are catching up with our friends and having fun, and we forget to be friendly for a new person in town who is looking for a church they can call home. I also saw it in school as I grew up, as children we’d group ourselves based on Various status, e.g. our homes, our perfomance in class, eloquence, dress code, tribe, morals, religion etc. If anyone could not fit in a certain group they’d be lonely.

We can express kindness by saying hi to someone, visiting an old person, offering a helping hand, visiting a sick person, offering a listening ear, being a shoulder that someone mourning can cry on, finding ways to be a blessing to others. In all this and more related to being kind, we need help from God.

The Bible several times mentions how Jesus was moved by compassion when He saw people. We at times can get lost in the issues of life, trying to pay bills, being close to our inner circle etc that we miss out on opportunities of showing kindness to people around us.

Why don’t you take a minute and ask God to help you realize and notice the people He brings your way, with a desire that you be a blessing to them. As well as getting the courage to move by faith and be that blessing. This is because at times we may know what is right to do, and we may know how to do it and when it’s best to do it, but we luck the courage to do it. May God give you and I the courage and wisdom to be a blessing to those around us by expressing kindness.

Patience-Fruit of the Spirit Cont’d

I at times love checking the meaning of words from the dictionary or Google, and I checked the meaning of patience, I found this one really interesting, it states that; patience is the capacity to go accept or tolerate delay, problems or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

This means that patience is not just waiting, but the capacity to wait without complaining, getting mad, being all sad and gloomy, without being worried etc.

I don’t know about you but there are times I really get agitated if someone gets late, or they do things slower than I feel they should. Trust there are times I have also lost patience in waiting upon God. But guess what He says, those who wait upon Him will renew their strength…I would really want to get my strength renewed, and I bet you’d want the same.

The virtue of being patient is important in our lives. This is because as we wait patiently for God we show total trust in Him. That although things might look very difficult we know whom we have believed, we know who’s we are, and although we look as if we are alone, we know He is with us and He can never leave us not forsake us.

Like Job, even if all is gone we can still have a heart of worship. That even in those difficult times when no one else is there to tap our shoulders and say all is well, we can encourage ourselves in the Lord like David. As we wait patiently for God we bring Glory to Him, as others see Him perform miracles in our lives that only He could perform.

This is not just between us and God, I believe God expects us to be patient even with one another. One thing I realized is the more I acknowledge that I have weaknesses, then I am able to be more accommodating with others around me. We are asked to love others as ourselves.That way, the way I’d want someone else to treat me then I’d treat them the same way.

I know all this is not easy, the bar has been placed too high. I am not sure whether anyone in their human nature could go through delay, suffering, struggles of life and not get agitated to the extent of complaining. But that’s why we have the Holy Spirit. He says in Romans 8:26a that He helps us in our weaknesses.

If this virtue is not yet fully blossomed in your life, am sure He is more than willing to help you have it fully activated in your life. All you need is to call on Him, and obey all He says.

Peace-Fruit of the Spirit Cont’d

When we go through difficult and challenging times, we desperately need peace. Guess what our Lord Jesus is the Prince of peace, Jehovah Shalom is our God. We can always tap into that peace. One of my favorite scriptures in those desperate moments is Philippians 4:6-7

Philippians 4.6 – Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians.4.7 – And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I get encouraged to know that all I need to do is go to God with the burdens in my heart and pour them before him, with a heart of gratitude then His peace would guard my heart.
Guarding meaning, my heart would not only find peace, but it is also protected from any other attack that would make it loose it’s comfort. God’s peace is beyond any human understanding, when we experience it even us we can’t understand it.

I must say there are times I have gone through difficult times but with a heart full of peace that I at times wonder how am managing to be composed and less disturbed when everything around me seems to be crumbling down. In those moments I am assured that what I am having is the supernatural peace, one that only comes from God, one that no human can produce or even understand.

As we experience peace as a fruit of the Spirit we become a source of peace for those around us. We can give them hope to know that if God is in control then our hearts need not be troubled we can move on or stay in peace. I have realized that what’s filling our hearts can be felt by those around us, therefore if you’re full of peace it can reach those around. We can help others around us to find peace, as the Holy Spirit pours it on us, we can reach out and allow Him to touch around us who need it. Through this we will be blessed, as we become a blessing to others. As others see us experience peace in our lives, then they might come to Christ as they desire to have the same kind of peace, in their lives.

You can also experience this peace, all you need to do is follow the instructions in Philippians 4 above and this peace will be your portion now and even in days to come. This is because to have this kind of peace in our lives, it can only happen by the help of the Holy Spirit, no human can generate peace beyond human understanding. This makes us to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit, to bear peace in us.

Joy-Fruit of the Spirit Cont’d

I love looking at meanings of certain words just to have a real feel of what they actually mean and one I got stated that joy in its biblical and spiritual meaning goes beyond being cheerful and happy, to a fuller expression of God’s goodness, it is happiness that is inspired and deep rooted.

In my own words I would describe joy as something beyond feelings. Happiness is based on feelings that is why it comes and goes, but joy doesn’t leave us when things get difficult, or circumstances change, this is because it is spiritual. Happiness is based on the soul (feelings) but joy is based on the spirit man.

Proverbs 10:28a The prospect of the righteous is joy

Joy is guaranteed for every child of God. We are to bear this fruit because we have the Holy Spirit is us. This joy helps us to go through difficult issues with gratitude, without murmuring but with great hope that all is well. We are told that this is not our own, it is the Lords. Nehemiah 8:10b the joy of the LORD is your strength. We do not generate it, it is the Lord’s.

Proverbs 15:19 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today I’d want to encourage you to declare this joy over your life. My favorite verse every morning whenever I remember is

Psalm118:24 This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

It does not matter what the day will bring, we can be full of joy. Whether the day comes with victories or difficult moments. Because just as I have stated above this Joy is from the Holy Spirit, we do not generate it ourselves, all we need to do is depend on Him by faith to pour it all over our hearts. Then we can pour it on others.

Love – Fruit of the Spirit cont’d

When I was preparing to get married a friend told me that in marriage one’s true Christianity is most tested. I have to admit that this has been very real. For example when we’ve had a disagreement over an issue, and my husband is probably going off to work and he says ‘I love you’ I find it really difficult to reciprocate. Not that I don’t love him, but because at that moment I feel hurt to admit that I still love him.

John.15.12 – My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

There are many verses that talk about love in the Bible but today I’ll just focus on this command that Jesus gave us. First He said that Love is the greatest commandment, then He now goes on to say that we should love one another as He has loved us.

Thinking about God’s love towards us, it’s unconditional and unfailing. Regardless of what we go through He says nothing can separate us from His love. Many times we still disappoint Him when we do not follow His ways but even still, He remains patient with us. He does not chase us away from His kingdom. Guess what, He loved us even before we knew Him, and loved us without expecting us to give Him something in return. To the point of having Jesus dying on the cross, to give us an opportunity to be part of His kingdom. When we repent he forgives and forgets, He doesn’t keep a record of wrong. We can go on and on about how God has shown His love towards us.

That is the kind of love that God expects us to show one another. At times we might not feel like loving those around us, moreso when they hurt us. That is where the HolySpirit comes in and helps us bear this fruit. All we need to do is ask for His help and He will help us find in us the Grace to love even those who do not seem to be loveable.

The fruit of the Spirit (Introduction)

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

The Bible talks of the fruit of the Spirit, and not fruits of the Spirit. The best example I can give of a fruit that has many distinct pieces but is whole is an orange. Each piece is an orange on its own but to make a complete orange each part has to be intact.
Meaning the 9 parts are distinct but to be complete they have to work together. For example you can not show kindness unless you have love, you can not have self control unless you’re patient. We have to grow in each part of this fruit for us to be fruitful.

Thinking of every part and what I go through everyday I can’t say I have grown in each area. Infact most times I find myself failing in each area. However as I read this verse, I am encouraged that this fruit is not me who bears but the Holy Spirit in me. It’s not me who is achieving these qualities. No Wonder the Bibles says that we are not saved through our works.

Our work is to allow th Holy Spirit in us to hear the fruit. We allow Him by obeying when He talks to us and in His still small voice directs us. As we do this the fruit is manifested in us.
I hope you’re encouraged to bear this fruit in your life and as a result become a blessing to the body of Christ and the world at large.

Lessons from a four year old

ECOMMERCE FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY IN MUMBAI | Lessons to learn from ...I have a nephew who is just four years old, he’s so adorable, I held him when he was a day old, he was the first child I can say I interacted with, and as a result I got a love for children through him. We normally talk almost every day if not every day, and just catch up on how his day has been. So the other day we were just discussing about our best foods. That was such an exciting topic, I found myself salivating as we talked.

As we talked he got to telling me how one day he told his grandmother to get him some  french fries  (ooh yees chipo as we call it). When he got back home, he found that she had not only prepared the  same but had also bought tomato sauce for him, and some salt, (I bet this was already in the kitchen hahaha) funny how he gets to the details. As he narrated I asked him whether he had thanked her for doing that but he said he hadn’t, so I did what any other good aunt would do, and asked him to thank her next time.

Then the unexpected question came “do you also say thanks” trust me that got me tongue tied. One thing I have learned is not to give lies, I wanted to tell him I say thanks but I knew very well that I never thanked my mum for cooking, even when she did special snacks for us. So I just told him, I normally say thanks when someone buys food for me, well i couldn’t admit to him that when it’s cooked at home I never say thanks hahaha.

Well that made me think a lot, and I realized it is very easy to preach water and take wine. We can advise people to do things that we can’t, or don’t do. It’s not wrong to advise, but it’s best to let people learn from our own actions.

Another lesson he taught me was on obedience. He asked me to get him a writing pad, and as the good aunt, I wanted to teach him that we don’t just have money from no where, but it is God who provides for us, so I told him to pray about it. I actually forgot about it. Then one Sunday as I talked with his mum, she mentioned that he had prayed during the family devotion, that God would give me money to buy him a writing pad. I had not told his mum, and he had not told her about our discussion, but guess what, he obeyed.

I must admit that obeying the Holy Spirit has been quite a challenge, It’s something that I have been learning. Most times I would think that I was the one talking to myself, only for me to over rule the voice and later realize that He was the one who was talking to me at first. My nephew has taught me to obey, even when I feel like it’s not making sense. It has not been all easy, but I can say every time I obey I am glad I did not argue with Him, or start reasoning that I must be the one talking to myself.

God values obedience more than sacrifice, He expects us to trust His guidance even when it does not make sense. Next time you hear Him talk to you I’d advise that you don’t start arguing about how it doesn’t make sense. Also lets learn to get lessons from all that’s happening around us, God can use anyone to rebuke us or encourage us in this journey.

He’s listening, talk to Him

Free Animated Prayer Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip ...Amid the covid 19 pandemic, I believe everyone has had their own lessons, fears, worries etc. For me I would say, when Kenya got the first case, given that it was in the town I live, I at first felt afraid but after a short time i got peace. More to that I must say I prayed with zeal about the matter, I would pray for long and with energy, at some point I feel like I was moved more by emotions.

However as the days passed and every day we just have updates of more people who have been infected, I must admit that the zeal went down. There are times I have gone before God and all I can say is, God please intervene. This is because I felt as if I didn’t know how to pray about it anymore.

A few days ago, I have been getting affirmations that God hears our prayers even when we don’t feel like He does. This is from simple short prayers e.g. when I have forgotten something and I just whisper to God to remind me and pap I remember. Sometimes I am trying to understand a concept, I just can’t figure out how some numbers are adding up, and just after asking for help from God, it’s like my eyes and mind are opened to understand the concept 100%.

Now yesterday felt like a climax to God’s assurance that He hears every prayer. I had gotten late, and curfew time was almost catching up with me. As I talked with my colleague, I just made a wish ” I pray that we get a vehicle fast enough, and that it will overlap in traffic, for us to get home before curfew”.

Guess what happened, we got a vehicle and it overlapped in traffic until i started regretting why I made such a prayer. I was now praying for safety. Well I got home safely and a few minutes to curfew time, to be honest I just made it more like a wish, and I actually thought God wouldn’t approve of such a prayers since I believe overlapping in traffic is wrong, however for me this came like an assurance that God hears every prayer we whisper.

Right now we might not have the emotions to carry us through prayer times as we pray for our country and the world, but even those short whispers we make to God trust me, He hears. It might look like things are just getting worse  the more we pray but one thing I know is if God hears and He’s been acting on things we could feel are too small, then even the current global problem He is handling. The how is what we don’t know but one thing I know is when we look back and join the dots, we will see His hand working around this whole situation.

Am just encouraging us not to stop praying, even if it is just making a short whisper to God, just remember He hears, and He’s working on it. Pray without ceasing.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

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I bet you’ve heard this phrase before, it’s one that my class teacher in primary school frequently used. This she mostly used when she was doing ‘hygiene inspection’. I never understood the phrase and I just thought it’s not true.

However not long ago i realized there was some truth in it. I just looked at my trends, there are days I wake up and I am all energetic, I make sure my house is in order, no dirty dishes, clothes are well folded, my house is well organized, I cook a good meal, and just enjoy my life. Some other days I am all lazy, I leave my utensils all dirty even for more than a day, my dirty clothes are not well folded, i don’t clean up the house, such days I just prefer sleeping to doing anything else.

One day I just thought I needed to realize what was common in the good awesome days and what is common in the slow lazy days. What I realized was my devotions had a huge part to play in the trends. The days I spend time to read my Bible and pray I had a very organized house the days I would ignore my devotions with time I would loose track on most of my daily tasks.

During the lock down and stay at home season I bet it’s easy to find yourself postponing your devotions since well you’ll have tomorrow in the house, but if you’d want to have peaceful days, energetic, positive days, then spending time with the one who gave you that day would actually help.

Another thing I realized was when i do devotions, I would be more positive I get motivated to read books, listen to sermons etc, on the other hand it’d be so easy to be involved in discussions not very productive, hardly read a motivational book, let alone watch a sermon, I’d actually prefer watching a movie. So basically I have concluded to have a clean life inside out then being close to God can never be an option.

That phrase might not look all theologically correct but it sure has some truth

Have an stay at home season.