Before you meet your Boaz

Today I have decided to write for my sisters, am not writing this because I know it all, or I have experienced it myself, but this is just what I have studied. I have heard several ladies talk about meeting one’s Boaz, and as a result I decided to study the book of Ruth. The following are just the highlights of what I discovered; it’s open for discussion in the comments as well as additional insights.

The story of Ruth is in the Bible, the book of Ruth which has four chapters only; if you haven’t heard this story you could go through it, so that it may be relevant for you. As Ruth left her homeland she had lost her husband, father in law and brother in law. In this I just want to encourage, all those who could have gone through hard times, in their love lives, whether it’s a broken relationship, divorce, widowed, separation etc. Just know there’s hope for you, the past is gone and at times it’s impossible to mend what has already happened, but there is no limitation on what the future could offer you. If you trust your God your future is still bright.

As Naomi, Ruth’s mother in law asked her and her sister in law to go back to their family, Ruth chose not to. This shows that she had known her mother’s God, the Moabites didn’t believe in the same God as the Israelites, but Ruth said she would want that God, to be hers too. I believe knowing God is very important, at all stages in life and for us who are single, I believe He gives convictions that go beyond human understanding. I have seen ladies get married to some young men, that even the parents struggle to approve, but later on people look at the couple and say, surely this was God’s will. However, I’d want to remind you that the heart is very deceiving, so you have to be in close relationship with God to know His voice, and differentiate with other voices.

When Ruth went to Bethlehem with her mother, she decided to go and look for food. In the process she found herself in the farm of a rich man called Boaz, who was also one of her kinsmen. I call this divine connection, as Ruth continued with her work, God directed her to the right farm and because of her faith, and although the Israelites and Moabites never interacted she is found in the lineage of Jesus Christ. As Ruth worked Boaz came to the farm and noticed her, and it’s surprising that as he talked to her, he had already gathered a lot of information about her before. My encouragement to us singles is we keep doing what we know how to do. Don’t sit in the house and keep praying for the man to come over, get busy doing something, and I believe divine connections will come along. At times we also keep waiting for this prince charming, to just drop from heaven and come transform your life, but as I read this story I have realized that the man you’re dreaming about, could already be in your life, it’s only that he’s not yet revealed as your Boaz yet.

Something else I noted is that Boaz told his men servants to take care of Ruth, and to even leave some extra wheat for her to collect. With this I learned that, the man meant for you will protect you. He will not want to mess around with your life; he will respect your principles and want the best for you. He will encourage you in living your lives purpose, and he will also be living his life purpose. He will not just be lazing around, but he’ll be working and, he will be someone you can look up to when it comes to life issues.

When Ruth went home she talked to Naomi about all that had happened during the day. Naomi then advised her on what to do to. With this I see the importance of mentor-ship. There is always someone, who has gone through what you are looking forward to, and if they are good, they will advise you and tell you mistakes they did, for you to avoid them, and also tell you what they did, and they succeeded for you to go that way too. However with this I’d want to remind you that everyone’s life is different, what worked for your mum, aunt or anyone else may not be what would work for you best. So just be wise to choose what could work for you, because I believe by now you already know yourself, and if not you better get some time alone, and have a meeting with yourself.

Ruth was told to be clean and dress well as she went to meet Boaz, on this I realized that you just got to look smart, and like they say you are addressed the way you are dressed. You might not have the best clothes or shoes but you can wash them and iron them and look good. You also got to dress modestly to ensure you get the respect you deserve. When you know you are well dressed, even if you aren’t in the latest fashion you just have some confidence. Exercise, eat well and just take care of yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, how would you expect God, to entrust you with a man and children?

It’s also important to know the culture of your people as well as that of your Boaz. Ruth had to be told by Naomi the steps to take to reach Boaz. Therefore don’t ignore culture, even if you are a Christian because it counts a lot. Well guess I’ll finish up there for today, leave your comments and share widely. With love.

Such a time as this

It’s not long since i wrote on how we should maintain peace in this nation, and i have been thinking of writing on intercession for this nation, for the past few days.

However this morning got to a meeting and i got thinking of this whole issue at a very different perspective. But before then, I hope we are praying and speaking against violence, and like Esther was told by Mordecai when she was the queen and the Israelites were almost being killed, that if she didn’t stand to help God’s people when she was in power, God would rescue them but as for her and her family they would perish.

I therefore challenge you to stand in the gap, do what you can do, preach peace wherever you are. Kindly mention a word to God about the peace of this nation, The Bible says God is looking for just one person to stand in the gap. So could be, you are Kenyan today for you to stand for this nation.

Now i would want to talk on a very different perspective, of what if war broke, what would you do? I know you could say i don’t have faith, but i want to be like the three Hebrew boys, who were thrown into a furnace of fire. They told the king that they knew their God was able to deliver them from his hands but even if He didn’t they would not worship any other god.

I have been praying and i still will continue praying, but the question is if God would allow for violence to take place, what would you do? Where would you go? It’s interesting how people plan for the evil, speak of how other tribes aren’t good but they never think of the effects of violence.

I just want you to take a minute and think, in case things didn’t work out as expected, whether you are prepared. Which places are generally safe? I realized this morning, that I didn’t honestly have an idea of any place I could go to.

In the meeting we had a discussion on just to know a few places that could be safe, and i just want to share the same; a church ( though not all churches are safe), a school, a hospital etc. Then on arrival, if it’s a camp where there are several people, it’s key to first inform a police officer that there are people camping in a certain place, for them to come and give protection. The other most important thing is to communicate with your loved ones, just to know where they are; (meaning you should have several phone numbers). Then after that is to see in the camp, whether their are individuals especially children who are lost, and just get their details for easy reunion with family when things settle again.

If you are at home by now you could be saving enough food, which could take you some days without having to walk outside the house. As we go towards the elections it’s also advisable to make sure you are home early, not late at night.

I have written this not because i don’t believe that God will prevent violence, but because i would want you to be informed, i believe it could help you, not only get scared but see the reality of things. I have written out of love.


Kenyans: short memory we have

10066988175_6ab4eedfed_mMy heart is very heavy and crying as i write this. About 10 years ago Kenya was in flames after the general elections. Children watched as their parents were being slashed with ‘machetes’ to death, families were displaced, businesses and a lot of wealth was burned down, so many were wounded, a lot of emotional distress and much more evil was done.

Am however shocked at how first we have forgotten all that. It’s barely 10 years and we have gone back to the tribal groupings again. Could we just learn from past mistakes and not experience for once? Remember that none of us chose our tribes as we came to earth and your tribe. In our neighborhoods we are all buying things at the same prices, when sugar was ksh200 per kg there’s no tribe that bought at ksh50, now as we go to the supermarket and buy a 2kg pkt of maize flour at ksh90 there’s no tribe that’s buying at a different cost.

When we go to hospitals and have no nurses because of the strike, it’s all tribes. As we buy some ‘sukuma wiki’ and other vegetables at ‘mama mboga’s’ kibanda we don’t buy based on tribes. As we go on matatus or motorbikes it’s all of us not some tribes. I wonder why when it comes to politics we look at each other based on tribes.

If we fight against each other it’s us who are left with consequences. The political heroes we go fighting for with our lives aren’t going through the daily struggles we go through e.g. They hardly feel the pinch of food prices increase, or impacts of strikes like in hospitals and schools.

I would also want you to open your eyes and see the devil’s hand in this. Kenya is said to be 80% christian, could we stand in the gap and fight the main enemy. The Bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and someone else said that strategy of enemies is to divide and rule. That’s what the devil is doing to us, dividing us so that he can easily have bloodshed.

God is looking for someone to stand in the gap, but as we pray i would request us to preach peace; remind your family, friends, neighbors etc, the weight and impact of war. With love.

Share widely.


10068342874_86847aee02_t(1)In life have you ever been disappointed? Maybe you agreed with someone to meet at a given time and you believe them but they come two hours late? Or someone promised to give you something but they never show up so you end up working alone? As for me i have, and it hurts and crushes my heart so badly. There are times i feel like I’d never face the person involved. However once i realized i have been a source of disappointment myself i tried to understand people.

This just got revealed to me just the other day, when i someone disappointed me and i got really hurt but i just realized how many times i have disappointed God and He remained patient with me. Like me you might have been a disappointment too.

How many times have you said you’ll  wake up and spent a few minutes with God? But at the instead you snooze the alarm until it’s 10 minutes to time, yet God has been waiting to meet you. Or you said you will increase your offering, but you actually end up reducing the amount? Needs become more as we say. Or you will share God’s word with someone ? Or you will forgive the person who hurt you so badly? Or you will start tithing faithfully? Or you will bless someone with a gift? Or you will read the whole Bible in a year? Or you will pray and fast once a week or month? Most of things we say we will do but we end up not doing, at times we just start and within a few days we stop.

I just got thinking, of how much God hurts when we disappoint Him. It’s even worse at times because we give vows. I know like Paul says the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. So am just writing to encourage you to try your best not to disappoint God, and also to remind you the next time you want to curse someone for disappointing you, just remember you are a source of disappointment too. Be blessed.

To my husband to be(11/3/2017)

I have chosen to write a letter to you, which i hope one day you will set your eyes on, if Jesus doesn’t come soon. I am not sure whether i have met you already or not, but what i have kept telling myself is when i set my eyes on you, i will know you are the one. I have to confess that i have met many young men, for some of them i was deeply convinced they were you, but as time tested them, i realized i was mistaken.

I know the day you be unveiled i will not have concerns like i have had with those i met before e.g. his reasoning is not mature enough, his standards for purity don’t go inline with God’s word, he’s not committed for God’s work, he’s not ambitious for lives issues, his looks don’t impress me enough to behold every morning(lightly though, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder) etc.

I know you are not perfect just as i am not, but i have learned to respect my inner guts. Whenever i have buts when i meet a dude, I just know it’s not you yet. However, i have been praying for you, and our children to be and i will continue. I am as well reading as many books as i can set my hands on, and getting to interact with successful wives and mothers,just to be the best wife for you and mother to our children. Hoping to know you soon. With love wife to be.


Living after you’re gone

Not long ago, i got thinking of how short life is. Nowadays someone can just take a rest and they never wake up again, others just walk out to go take a walk and they never go back home.

My concern has been what will we leave behind after we are gone? I have read a few eulogies and material things are never mentioned. Even as people give their testimonies about someone, hardly do people mention wealth. People mostly talk about the value that one added in their lives. I don’t mean that we wealth is not important, people also get inheritance once one is gone but i want to aim at the simple valuable things we overlook. Simple things are mentioned e.g. how one would always greet everyone, smiled even to strangers, never ignoring people, always listening, giving a word of hope and encouragement etc.

To date i still watch the late Myles Munroe’s videos and learn a lot. There are many books that people wrote and they are still relevant even if the people left years ago. You might not write a book,have a movie, have a sermon or song recorded, but you could touch soul while you still live.


As i talk about this i would want to bring it closer home. If you would transfer from your place of work to another place, would anyone remember the value you added in their lives as a colleague? For the singles, once you get married can your family remember you for anything good or they’ll be glad that at last you’ve left. For those who live in rental houses, can your neighbors remember you for something you’ve been doing? It could be making sure the compound is clean, always being ready to help etc.

My challenge for us today, is to aim at adding value in other peoples’ lives. Being of significance in the short time we will be on earth. Don’t think of what you’ll do ten years from now. Start today!!! With love.

A reason to smile again

Last Friday night was exciting, I had just finished my Quantitative Analysis paper, and so i felt free free freee. I was planning of how i would read the few novels i had in the house (repeating though). But once i got into the house and took my novel (cedar cove Christmas story), and threw myself on the bed, reality dawned on me.

I didn’t know what else I’d do from Monday, other than read novels. I was getting to my seventh month without a job, spending most of the time in the house, and now my exams were done too. I had no more reason to stay home anymore. I needed a job, i couldn’t imagine why i had worked so hard in school, and got good grades. All over sudden, the joy i had melted. I started planning of how i would wake up the following morning, lock myself in the house, and cry myself out for the joblessness demise.

However a thought came into my mind, of how many blessings i had. I had my family, friends, shelter, health, i had myself too and the list went on and on. I had all reasons to be happy. May be you could be going through a difficult time, a chronic disease? Business falling down? Jobless? Homeless? Childless? Divorce? Lost a loved one?I might not understand what you could be going through, but trust me there’s always a reason you could smile again.536035_286928828078089_1301906775_a

At least you’re still alive, you could even think that no one cares, but trust me there’s always someone who secretly cares. Personally i dearly care so much, that  i chose to write to you today, and remind you to count your blessings, and you will surely get a reason to be happy again. Remember that God cares even more!!! I saw a quote the other day that said, whatever does not kill you comes to build you..

As i slept my thoughts had changed from being of distress to being of gratitude, and trust me i woke up next morning, and instead of crying i woke up and got doing my laundry and cleaning up. Just sit down and think of the things you could thank God for, and you will realize they are too many that you can’t count them all.

The devil can easily still our joy by showing as the things we don’t have and making us forget the many things we have.Trust me if you think well you will realize, you have a reason to smile again. With love.